Code of Conduct

It is our belief at Araak Group that in order to fully achieve our mission, key principals must be set out throughout the hierarchal levels of our organization that will govern the manner in which we conduct ourselves as a whole.

Value our people:

We believe our employees are the heart to our success, and in order for us to grow, we must have their full support at all levels of the organization by actively recognizing and appreciating their efforts

Respect the community:

It is important to maintain a fruitful relationship with the local communities we operate in by actively interacting and creating a positive impact.

Customer Satisfaction:

The bed rock of our success, we endeavour to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations.

Act in Confidence:

Adhering to confidentiality is a culture we instil throughout all levels of management to maintain a professional attitude when dealing with customers, suppliers or other stakeholders.

Support the future:

We encourage thoughts and actions that will allow all those around us to benefit from our efforts and invest time and money to achieve them.

Protect the Environment:

Behaving as a responsible corporate citizen is not complete if we do not exhaust every opportunity to reduce our carbon foot print or study the impact we have on the local environment and find innovative solutions to mitigate them.

Health & Safety Standards:

Our people lay the foundations of our success as such at Araak we follow people centric approach where the health and safety of our employees is never compromised.

Quality Assurance:

Araak and quality come hand in hand from inception; the group has built itself by providing products that undergo stringent quality assurance processes.