Chairman’s Message

“When I embarked on my professional journey as an entrepreneur over 50 years ago Sudan’s major industries particularly agriculture were monopolized by foreign operators whom local businesses feared to compete with. They were giants with resources, knowledge and experience but what few realized then is that the only obstacle to our success was doubt. I wanted to create a company that was confident, that was not chained by the traditional and conventional behaviour of the time but rather took risks through innovation and hard work to achieve its goals.

Since Independence Sudan has experienced times of economic growth and times of stagnation, through every cycle there is always opportunity and those that seize these opportunities succeed. The key to long term success is not to be short sighted, do not follow the crowd use foresight to predict where consumer demand will be and then invest. Being first does not equate to being the best, in order to succeed you must specialize and continue to invest in your core business, competition may come later but you’ll be prepared.

Remain committed; through Araak’s long history we have undoubtedly experienced bumps along the way however this never wavered our commitment to investing in Sudan and its people. Playing a developing role in Sudan is in the heart of every business decision we make and sharing our success with stakeholders, the communities we operate in and our business partners is what keeps us sustainable. “


Hassan Ibrahim Malik